THE XML Professional Publisher (XPP) Online Summit

1-2 December 2021

The event to support your publishing operations!

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Publishing Trends & Strategies
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XPP Summit
The XPP Online Summit is designed to explore the creative use and full capabilities of XML Professional Publisher (XPP). 
When brand matters, when content and layout complexities are extreme, and when scale is overwhelming, discover how XPP is your solution when ‘good enough’ is not good enough!
  • Learn what’s new in XPP 9.5 and 9.6
  • Gain insights into using CSS to format XPP divisions
  • Learn how and when to use CSS Paged Media in XPP
  • Discover the value in connecting Tridion to XPP
  • Hear from customers who present their experience of XPP
  • Join a panel discussion with the XPP Community considering the latest publishing trends and business challenges
The XPP Online Summit allowed for colleagues, customers, publishing experts across diverse industries such as financial services, government, aerospace and defense and legal to join together for our online gathering. Attendees benefited from expert tips, training and insights to take advantage of the full power of XPP. 
Registration remains open until 30 January, 2022. Register now for free and watch the sessions on-demand!
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