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For all the things that support bringing your product to patients, we’ve got your translation needs covered. 

Our global team of language, technology, and subject matter experts have the translation, localization, and regulatory experience life sciences companies need to create and translate all their important content that support your go-to-market and internal corporate needs —from websites, marketing materials and e-learning to shareholder updates and financial projections.  

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The Corporate Content Challenge for Companies in the Life Sciences

Companies in the life sciences work on wide-ranging projects—each of which requires content development and translation. A company’s multilingual content needs extend beyond the completion of a trial, submission of documents, or approval of medical devices. 

RWS is the partner you can trust for the development, translation, and management of all your multilingual content, no matter the content type. 

Our expertise covers

eLearning Marketing and Communication Technology Support and Integration

Getting your teams up to speed, as speedily as possible.

You need to get your global, distributed workforce up-to-speed on your complicated, highly regulated treatments and processes. Or you may need to train sites and patients during a clinical trial. That means you need a flexible, scalable partner who can help you deliver a better user experience and improve learning outcomes for global audiences. 
We work with clients to design eLearning courses that embrace localization from the beginning, so they can deliver efficient, effective learning experiences to their entire global audience as quickly and seamlessly as possible. Our team of instructional designers and in-house linguists with deep industry expertise and significant eLearning and training content experience understand the nuances of each target market, so we can deliver culturally relevant training materials that are adapted to your users’ end needs. 
Our eLearning solutions provide:
  • Automated, end-to-end processes that optimize scalability and efficiency 
  • eLearning modules in multiple languages 
  • Security and standardization 
  • Centralized communication and visibility 
  • All authoring tool file formats, including SCORM, HTML5, and vid 
  • Automatic integration of localized content into your digital channels in any coding language 
  • Universal accessibility and regulatory compliance of eLearning experiences, including adherence with Web Content Accessibility Guidelines

Ensuring patients and stakeholders around the world choose your life-changing product

You’ve taken care of the hard part: developing a life-changing or life-saving drug, therapy, or medical or in vitro diagnostic device. Now let us help you market that product to global patients who could benefit from its use. 

For life sciences companies, global marketing presents a complicated dance between science and sentiment. Effective marketing needs to spark an emotional reaction while still complying with strict regulatory requirements and accurately communicating complicated information—and doing it as quickly and accurately as possible. 

We translate:  

  • Advertisements 
  • Promotional video 
  • Articles and press releases 
  • Newsletters and customer communications 
  • Product Announcements 
  • Financial information 
  • Shareholder information 
  • Websites and social media activity 
  • Corporate lexicon and branding 

Streamlining integrations with the technology platforms vital to your work

Integrating various technology platforms can be complex, with challenges for multiple departments across an organization. Doing so across a multilingual global entity requires additional considerations, including translating and localizing materials for various locales. 

These massive projects require significant experience and close collaboration between IT and HR departments, and they require regular updates over the years. RWS is the partner you can trust to ensure the smooth integration of translation and transcreation services into your organization’s shared services. 

We apply your multilingual content to: 

  • Veeva integration – certified partner 
  • Adobe Experience Manager 
  • Website management and SEO 
  • All major CMS platforms 
  • Our market leading in-house tools for content authoring and content management 

Solutions powered by tech

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Content Authoring
Machine Translation
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