Patent Renewals: Peace of mind for your patent maintenance

Simplify the management of your patent renewals with a trusted partner. Our cost-effective patent renewals solution protects your valuable patent assets, saving you time and providing complete peace of mind. 

Protecting and creating value

Your patent portfolio is a valuable asset. Missing a renewal deadline can pose serious consequences, including potential loss of protection. While patent maintenance can be time consuming, RWS understands your challenges. We provide a world class patent renewal experience that allows you to focus on higher value activity.

RWS’s efficient and cost-effective patent renewals service ensures you never miss a deadline. As a leading global provider of IP solutions, we have the tools and expertise to ensure your patent portfolio remains protected, no matter its size or complexity. 

Whether you conduct your foreign filing via RWS or through another source, we will ensure the process runs seamlessly from start to finish. 

Why renew with RWS?

Price stability

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Global reach, local presence

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Payment guarantee

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Full IP service provision

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Flexible service options

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Comprehensive data verification

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Price stability

We understand that you are under pressure to reduce costs and manage your patent portfolio against a fixed budget.

For this reason, we guarantee price stability between the renewal reminder and invoice. This protects you from cost fluctuations between reminders, preventing any surprises arising from changes in exchange rates.

Price integrity is central to our offering, and our clients benefit from a simple, competitive, transparent fee structure. 

Global reach, local presence

When you entrust your patent renewals to RWS, you will be assigned a single point of contact. Our IP Specialists are situated across the USA, Europe and Asia, providing exceptional IP expertise, customized reporting and prompt, transparent communication. 

We understand that your patent portfolio is valuable and that you will require a local IP specialist to be with you every step of the way, ensuring that we deliver to your needs.

We benefit from longstanding relationships with a world-class network of agents. This gives us the flexibility to quickly scale resources, reprioritize and take on urgent projects. Our work is subject to rigorous internal quality control protocols, ensuring a smooth, efficient process.

Quite simply, our agent network is unrivalled.

Payment Guarantee

The RWS Payment Guarantee provides comprehensive renewal security, ensuring your most valuable assets remain protected. 

No up-front payment

Once you have provided your renewal instructions, we will send you an invoice. We do not require upfront remittance to proceed with renewal payments. We will make the payment when it becomes due rather than holding the renewal payment until your invoice has been paid. This reduces the likelihood of late charges and ensures continuity of patent protection.  

We pay direct to 21 PTOs

By paying patent offices directly, we cut out any intermediary steps. This reduces overall costs and simplifies the renewal process.  

Assurance of timely payment

As part of our rigorous internal controls, we combine the data provided by you with official patent office sources, ensuring we have the most accurate and up to date information. Using this verified data and an advanced law engine, we calculate renewal due dates with precision.  

Indemnity Insurance

Complete peace of mind is at the core of our renewals service. In addition to our meticulous quality control processes, we carry indemnity insurance. 

Full IP solution provision

We are the leading global provider of intellectual property services, with more than six decades of experience in the field. Our patent renewals offering is part of our comprehensive suite of services spanning across the IP Lifecycle. We can also supplement your renewal activities with docketing support tailored to your needs. 

Centralizing through a single provider can save you time and money at every stage of the intellectual property lifecycle. By partnering with RWS, you will also benefit from: 

  • The extensive IP sector expertise of our team members.
  • A reduction in the potential risks associated with using multiple providers.
  • Continuity of Service: move smoothly through the IP lifecycle. 

Flexible service options

We offer a choice of service models enabling you to select renewal reminder frequency (monthly or quarterly) and instruction method (Instruct or AutoPay). If you would prefer greater control over the renewal process, you can choose the Instruct model. If, however, you prefer the security of knowing your patents are always maintained, you can opt for Autopay.

Monthly/Quarterly Instruct

  • RWS sends reminders 
  • You provide payment instructions 
  • RWS issues invoice
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Monthly/Quarterly Autopay

  • RWS sends reminders 
  • RWS automatically issues invoice unless instructed otherwise
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Comprehensive data verification

At RWS, data verification is a continuous process designed to safeguard your IP assets. Your entire IP portfolio will be scrutinized to ensure we can make accurate, timely annuity payments. We will check your data against official patent office sources, inquire about any discrepancies, and carry out ongoing data cleansing for quality and accuracy. 

How our IP Renewals service works

Delivering to your needs is our priority, and we will ensure that our service is tailored accordingly.

Your journey begins with an exploratory call with an RWS IP Specialist. We will address any initial questions you may have and arrange follow up calls with a renewals expert to ensure your queries have been fully addressed. Once you have engaged us, an IP Specialist will coordinate the intake of your master IP portfolio. 

We work with businesses of all sizes and across all industries, tailoring the service to your precise needs. To get started or to find out more, complete the contact form below. 

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