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Confidently communicate across both language and ability barriers. Our solutions and expertise help you meet your translation and compliance needs year-round, not just during Annual Enrollment Period (AEP).

Now you can deliver all member communications that are both, culturally appropriate and comply with regulatory accessibility standards and timelines, so that your digital and printed content ensures equal access to all.

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Ensure governance and satisfaction for all member communication.
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Trusted by 9 of the top 10 US healthcare organizations.
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99.3% on-time delivery.
508 and 504 compliant solutions.
30% reduction in costs and timelines.
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Areas of expertise

Streamline your communication schedule for your members and your staff.
RWS Healthcare Solutions - AEP Materials

AEP materials

Translate your Evidence of Coverage (EOC), Summary of Benefits (SB), Annual Notice of Changes (ANOC), directories, and formularies across languages and abilities to ensure timely release of all materials, in accordance with compliance.
RWS Healthcare Solutions - Member enrollment

Member enrollment, engagement and retention

Boost enrollment by speaking to your prospective members in their language—with the right cultural and linguistic nuances—all while being fully accessible.
RWS Healthcare Solutions - Member facing content

Member facing content

Improve your member experience for all. Whether replying to a grievance, denial claim, or member compliment, we can help you communicate with your member audience appropriately and efficiently.


Cultural and linguistic services

Work with our network of experts to adapt your materials both culturally and linguistically, across every channel, to ensure meaningful access for all while meeting Limited English Proficiency (LEP) obligations. 

More than just translation for your members we can make sure your content suits their culture—not just their language.

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Easily remediate member materials, web-based content, and more while maintaining compliance with global regulatory accessibility standards. 

Whether it's 508 compliance, large print, braille, or audio, we cover all alternative formats, including remediation to any standard, in any language. Learn more about the RWS Accessibility Solution.

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Content management solutions

Achieve operational and competitive excellence this AEP season with our secure intelligent content solution. 

Now you can easily break materials down into smaller, reusable pieces to automate content delivery and increase customer lifetime value all year round.

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"I cannot believe you were able to remediate all 147 of our plans in only 5 days...that is over 65,000 pages! No one has ever been able to do that."
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