RWS solutions for Investor Relations

Language solutions for annual reports and shareholder communications

RWS is a leading translation partner for global listed companies, assisting with regulated financial communications and investor relations (IR) materials. 

We work with corporate IR and communications teams to understand the particular translation challenges for each company, developing specific solutions that combine services and technology to address shareholder needs effectively.

How we help

We translate hundreds of annual reports every year, supporting clients across their entire range of shareholder communications and regulated financial content. 

We provide support in multiple areas: 

  • Human and post-edited AI-powered machine translation. 
  • Tech-enabled interpreting services for shareholder events. 
  • Transcription and voice recognition of videos and recordings. 
  • Subtitling for accessibility requirements. 
  • Typesetting and design for shareholder materials. 
  • Connectors for joining up translation workflows across content platforms.

Why choose RWS?

Our proven language solutions help clients to improve speed-to-market, drive competitive advantage and optimise the user experience for all stakeholder audiences.

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