Introducing Evolve

Organizations are at a strategic crossroad to meet global demands. They face the glut of content whose volume, velocity and variety are exponentially growing. Evolve is the answer. It combines human and artificial intelligence, revolutionizing translation processes by significantly reducing the time it takes to achieve high quality output.

The world’s first Genuine Intelligence™ solution

Unique scalability
Industry’s only consolidated offering
Secure by design

Transformative efficiency gains

Achieve revenue, customer and product growth, without impacting quality and timelines. By reducing the human-labour requirement and automating more of the end-to-end translation process, Evolve can deliver between 25-65% efficiency gains, based on client specific parameters. Your organization can enjoy the flexibility to realize those gains as increased translation volumes, reduced time to market, or potentially lower costs.

AI without risk

Evolve answers the question of how you can harness the potential of AI. You can deploy and monitor AI in a secure, well-defined and practical use case, without taking any unnecessary risks. Evolve is secure-by-design at both the overarching solution-level as well as at the granular capability-level. Plus Evolve brings with it the reassurance of experts in the loop - language specialists with proven expertise within RWS’ 60+ year heritage as the leading global LSP. 

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Solution features


Services provided by language specialists and domain experts to ensure optimal translation outcomes. More on RWS Language Services

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Translation management system (TMS)

Facilitating end-to-end localization processes and workflows across all content.
More on translation management from Trados
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Real-time neural machine translation (NMT)

Powered by AI models, our NMT continuously adapts through a built-in feedback loop between quality assessment outcomes, generative output, and expert-in-the-loop translations. More on Language Weaver NMT
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Machine translation quality estimation (MTQE)

Built on expert-labelled and annotated data to automatically assess and prioritize performance of NMT output. More on MTQE
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Private large language model (LLM)

Performing automatic post-editing of segments that require further improvement by generative AI output.

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