Supported patent filings

Direct Filing

Deadline: 12 months
Power of Attorney: Yes*
Assignments: No
Language: English
Translation Extension: No
Excess Claims Fee: No
Examination Request: No substantive examination
Country Notes: * The application must be accompanied by the signed Power of Attorney form at filing.

No late filing.

Certified copy of the priority documents(s) to be submitted, with details needed at filing.

The declaration by inventors must be notarized.

Recommended Agents


PCT National Phase Entry
Direct Filing
Lysaght was founded in 1946, initially specializing in registration formalities for the Middle East, and then growing over the years to include Africa, the Far East, and the islands of the Caribbean and Pacific Basin. The firm’s field of expertise gradually extended to continental Europe, Latin America and the French-speaking countries of Africa. A direct link was established with OAPI in association with Cabinet Ekeme, based in Yaounde, Cameroon, and this forms an important part of its business today. The break-up of the USSR and introduction of a new law in Madagascar in the 1990s provided it with an excellent opportunity to develop its services further, and the firm now prides itself in providing IP services to clients in all regions of the world.