Supported patent filings

European Validation

Deadline:  N/A
London Agreement? Yes
Official Language: English, French and German
Translations Required: No
Forms: No

Direct Filing

Deadline: 12 months
Power of Attorney: No
Assignments: No*
Language: French
Translation Extension: No
Excess Claims Fee: Yes
Examination Request: Automatically examined
Country Notes: * A simple copy of an assignment of the priority right is requested if the applicant of the French application is different to the applicant of the priority application.

Priority Document: Details needed at filing. An electronic simple copy of the Priority Document is required with a translation into French of the bibliographic data/cover page for any Priority Document in non-latin characters (JP, KR, CN, etc) or if requested by the French patent office in specific cases.

Small entity status: where all applicants can claim small entity status there is a reduction in filing and maintenance fees.

Recommended Agents


European Validation
Over the last 60 years, RWS has established itself as the world leader in translation and localization, intellectual property support solutions and life sciences language services. It is renowned for the high calibre of its in-house teams and the top-tier quality of services that it provides. Where legally possible, RWS works directly with patent offices but also has close contacts with local agents in the rare event that clients need to engage a local agent for post-validation work. RWS handles in excess of 53,000 European Patent validations per year.


Direct Filing
Ipsilon is ranked among the top 15 patent filing firms in France. The firm is committed to providing a personalized service. Understanding that every IP matter is inherently different, Ipsilon is committed to obtaining a full understanding of its clients’ activities in order to provide them with a tailor-made service, adapted to individual requirements, recognising that its clients’ patents form part of their intangible assets and are of strategic importance for development. All of its services are subject to rigorous quality control.. . The firm offers a complete range of patent, trademark and design services. The team of nearly 20 patent attorneys and engineers can tackle all technological areas (electronics, physics, optics, mechanical engineering, chemistry and biotech, etc.). Its flexible working methods allow it to assist national and foreign companies of any size. Ipsilon is equipped with modern and efficient IT tools that guarantee prompt and effective handling of its clients’ instructions and allow it to provide the highest level of service in a timely manner..