Supported patent filings

PCT National Phase Entry

Deadline: 31 months*
Power of Attorney: Yes
Assignments: Yes
Language: Indonesian
Translation Extension: Yes**
Excess Claims Fee: Yes***
Examination Request: Optional at filing or deferred
Country Notes: * 34 months with extension fee payable.

** The Indonesian translation can be submitted within one month from the filing date.

*** An amendment to reduce the claims may be submitted. Any amendments made will incur additional translation costs.

Other documents: Statement of Ownership of Invention.

Recommended Agents

George Widjojo & Partners

PCT National Phase Entry
George Widjojo & Partners specializes in the filing of patents, trademarks, industrial designs and copyrights in Indonesia. It helps its clients to enforce their rights, provides guidance to avoid infringing the intellectual property rights of others, and helps clients seek ways of resolving disputes. It also provides patent translation and notarial services and acts as a curator/receiver and administrator for bankruptcy proceedings.