Supported patent filings

PCT National Phase Entry

Deadline: 30 months
Power of Attorney: Yes*
Assignments: No**
Language: English
Translation Extension: No
Excess Claims Fee: No
Examination Request: No substantive examination
Examination Request: * Original not required at filing; can be filed any time.

** Assignments are only required when the applicant has changed and that change has not been recorded with the International Bureau.

Recommended Agents

Spoor & Fisher

PCT National Phase Entry
Direct Filing
Spoor & Fisher has been a specialist IP firm since its formation in 1920. The firm provides legal services throughout Africa, the Middle East and the Caribbean, and has a proud tradition of having been involved in many of the leading patent, trademark and copyright cases in South Africa. Spoor & Fisher has offices in Jersey (Channel Islands), Johannesburg, Cape Town and Pretoria, in South Africa. The firm also has an extensive network of local associates across the African continent.. . Spoor & Fisher specializes in all aspects of intellectual property law, including patents, trademarks, copyright and designs, related litigation, commercial transactions, due diligence and portfolio management..