Supported patent filings

Direct Filing

Deadline: 12 months
Power of Attorney: Yes
Assignments: Yes
Language: English
Translation Extension: Yes*
Excess Claims Fee: Yes
Examination Request: Automatically examined
Country Notes: * The English translation (in case of non-EN application) can be submitted within three months from the filing date.

A certified copy of the Priority Document and a verified English translation of the Priority Document are required.

The Power of Attorney, assignment, certified copy of the Priority Document and verified English translation thereof, should be submitted to the Pakistani Patent Office at the time of filing the application. Late filing of these documents is possible within three months from the date of filing the application but will result in a late fee, invoiced by the agent.

Recommended Agents

Kan & Krishme

PCT National Phase Entry
Direct Filing
Kan & Krishme (KNK) represents a wide range of clients, including individuals, small to big companies, academic institutions and research bodies. The firm’s head office is in New Delhi, with branch offices in Mumbai, Chennai and Kolkata and associated offices in Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Bhutan, Nepal, the Maldives, Myanmar & Brunei.. . KNK has a blend of young and senior professionals with both technical and legal qualifications, who are adept at handling not only patent matters, but also trademarks, industrial designs, trade secrets, novelty and infringement searches and FTO (freedom to operate) searches, including media and entertainment law, sweepstakes and promotions and advertisement clearance.. . KNK offers complete patent services from drafting and filing of patent applications to prosecuting applications and maintaining patents for the full term. The firm’s other services include a renewal reminders service, assignment deeds, filing oppositions, rendering advice, watching, investigating infringements and filing actions for infringement, opposition proceedings and revocation of patents as well as conducting searches.. . The firm has been actively involved in numerous high-profile patent litigation proceedings as well as pre-grant and post-grant opposition proceedings and has successfully protected the interests of its clients before the Intellectual Property Appellate Board (IPAB)..