Supported patent filings

European Validation

Deadline: 3 months (from the date of publication of mention of grant)
London Agreement? No
Official Language: Slovak
Translations Required: Yes
Forms: Yes

Recommended Agents

THK Legal Ltd.

European Validation
PCT National Phase Entry
Direct Filing
THK Legal Ltd. is a successor of TRAPLOVÁ HAKR KUBÁT Law and Patent Offices and provides comprehensive legal services in intellectual property law. It is top-ranked amongst law and patent firms in Czechia representing clients in the IP field.. . Feb 2023, Head of THK Legal Ltd. Jana Traplová was ranked among the TOP 100 Women Lawyers in Czechia.. . THK Legal Ltd understands areas of trademarks, patents, industrial designs, utility models, counterfeits, unfair competition law, copyright, know-how, trade secrets and related contractual and litigation agenda, as well as commercial law and public procurement law. THK provides legal assistance not only in the Czech Republic but also in Slovakia.. . THK’s highly experienced team of experts consists of attorneys-at-law, patent attorneys, European Patent Attorneys, lawyers and external consultants, and translators. These professionals are fully at their clients’ disposal.. .