7 Tips for a Smooth Localization Project

Everyone wants their localization projects to be as effortless and efficient as possible. 

This blog series highlights 7 topics to consider before starting a new project or working with a new Localization Service Provider (LSP) to guarantee a successful partnership and your peace of mind.

Part one: Establish your Service Level Agreement (SLA)

Define the ground rules for your LSP relationship with an SLA that sets expectations and ensures all obligations are clearly understood.
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Part two: Get to know your project manager

Get your partnership off on the right foot with the most important person on your project - your LSP's project manager.
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Part three: Ensure the quality of your source content

Source content can make - or break - a translation project. Learn best practices for writing quality content.
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Part four: Project handoff

Standardize your project kick off and minimize surprises with a launch template that is clear, predictable and repeatable.
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Part five: Always provide good reference materials

Translation consistency and quality depend on strong reference materials provided at the start of every project.
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Part six: Understand the client review role

Having a structured feedback loop in place leads to on-going translation quality and continuous improvement.
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Part seven: Establish an efficient query process

Questions are a big part of every translation project. Review ways to make your query process easy for everyone involved.
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