Our global research

We wanted to find out what consumers around the world thought about language and localization when they go online. 

Our global survey of 6,500 respondents, across 13 countries, found there is a huge opportunity for brands looking to engage and build trust with global audiences and grow new markets. 

Our key themes

We've grouped our findings together into six key themes for you to explore
Global Understanding - All Inclusive

All inclusive

Linguistic inclusion is key to global inclusion. Inclusive brands are removing barriers for everyone by making sure their content is globally accessible in local languages.

Global Understanding - Cultural Connections

Cultural connections

Culture transcends language - which means language is only the first barrier to communication. To build deep connections and consumer engagement, cultural insights are critical to success.

Global Understanding - Here me now

Here. Me. Now.

As technology advances and real-time translation of content becomes more widespread, customers expect to see it used for their benefit - to help them understand more easily.

Global Understanding - From text to context

From text to context

As life becomes ever more digital and immersive, the future of communications will be all about context, and will move beyond language, deeper into the audio-visual space.

Global Understanding - Beyond CX

Beyond CX

Customer experience has moved beyond channels and devices. It’s now about location, language and deep cultural understanding.

Global Understanding - Distrust

Distrust is the new norm

As a digital presence substitutes a physical one, and automation outpaces the human touch, global brands must work smarter to gain and maintain people’s trust.

Survey highlights

of B2B buyers believe that B2B brands lag B2C in online localization

say it's important to be able to deal with companies in their own language

say it's important for global brands to show cultural insight

are proud of their national identity, history and culture

won't buy from major consumer categories in the absence of local language support

own or use one or more components of the metaverse

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