SDL Content Assistant Now Available to Help Marketers Quickly Understand Documents and Create More Content Faster

SDL’s Linguistic AI-driven Content Tool Quickly Analyses Complex Documents, Provides Summaries and Generates Snippets of Multilingual Snackable Content

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SDL (LSE: SDL), a global leader in content creation, translation and delivery, has today announced the availability of SDL Content Assistant, an online tool powered by Hai – SDL’s Linguistic AI™, that helps marketers and content teams to quickly understand lengthy documents, and create copy using extracts and snippets of content that assist the writing process. 
Content creators spend hours a day digesting information. They are reading reports, research, whitepapers, and anything that could be useful to the content they’re creating. SDL Content Assistant gives all this time back – rather than spending hours reading and manually repurposing content, marketers can spend more time on marketing strategy and creative endeavors. All they need to do is drop a large document (such as whitepaper or report) into SDL Content Assistant, and after quick analysis they’re presented with insight. The tool can extract relevant copy that is often buried in lengthy, complex content. SDL’s Linguistic AI instantly summarizes, extracts and finds promotable blurbs in a way that can be easily turned into tweets, or other pieces of snackable content.
“It was incredibly easy to use, and I didn’t even need to know how to use it,” said Val Swisher, CEO of Content Rules, a global content strategy company and SDL partner. “It was particularly interesting to see how the AI technology found content from my content, and then laid it all out for me.”
With an easy to navigate user interface that includes features like a “Slider” – which can be used to select the type of summary wanted (a brief summary with just a few salient points, a longer in-depth summary, or something in between) – SDL Content Assistant extracts relevant content instantly. It also allows marketers to find and extract the topics they want to focus on from documents using keywords. Additionally, with a live twitter feed oriented to selected topics, marketers can reference what is popular in the social world and adapt social posts according to hot issues. A scratchpad feature allows marketers to quickly assemble shorter pieces of content, and instantly publish across social media and digital platforms. Instant translation allows users to translate this snackable content automatically, helping them reach global audiences. Users can also check if their source content is suitable for machine translation.
“Many AI tools are more developers’ toys than practical real-world business solutions. Needing in-depth technical knowledge to operate, they remain inaccessible to most marketers,” said Jim Saunders, Chief Product Officer, SDL. “SDL Content Assistant is different. It has been built with marketers in mind but is highly intuitive and will make a difference to anyone involved in creating content.” 
Hai, SDL’s unique Linguistic AI™ technology, includes over 27 years of innovation. This technology – which powers SDL Content Assistant – goes beyond other standard Natural Language Processing functions and incorporates machine translation algorithms, elements of Natural Language Generation, and more. SDL has authored 200+ peer-reviewed publications, holds 45+ patents, employs over 1,200 linguists, and has a rich history and roadmap for innovation in this field.
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