SDL announces strategic partnership with Aprimo to help brands centrally manage highly agile, personalized, content-rich experiences

Partnership launches with SDL Tridion Sites connector – now available for Aprimo Digital Asset Management



SDL (LSE: SDL), the intelligent language and content company, has formed a strategic partnership with Aprimo, an industry-leading digital asset management and work management software provider. The partnership is focused on helping companies to orchestrate their entire content supply chain and translate all digital assets from a centralized digital experience hub. The combination of both companies’ technologies will provide the brand control and agility required to power rich, localized digital experiences. 

The partnership, which launches with a new SDL Tridion Sites Connector for Aprimo Digital Asset Management, provides customers with a centralized ‘single source of truth’ to manage complex content ecosystems. This strengthens a brand’s ability to significantly improve content operations, processes, brand assets, digital files, and search information across their entire content supply chain and in any language. Looking ahead, the partnership will also focus on integrations between Aprimo Productivity Management, a leading work management solution, and SDL Tridion Sites, alongside connectors between Aprimo and SDL’s Language Solutions to support translation of digital assets. 

“At a time when consumers are hungry for more and richer content, being agile and capable of launching rapidly across multiple markets and languages makes all the difference,” said Azad Ootam, Chief Technology Officer, SDL. “Our strategic partnership opens the door for brands looking to manage, collaborate and gain insights through a central digital experience hub, instantly building engaging experiences with their wealth of digital assets.” 

Through the combined offering, anyone across the content supply chain can access and manage content from one central platform – from digital asset librarians, marketers, to brand/product managers and creative professionals. Any piece of content can be directly used or sent for translation if needed, and published across multiple channels in 180+ languages. 

“Every company faces its own unique content challenges, particularly when it comes to engaging with international customers. You only have one chance, and if you lack the content, language and experience, then you’re unlikely to succeed,” explains Michael Lummus, VP Strategy, Aprimo. “As a value-added partner, SDL’s products complement and help augment the marketing ecosystem that we offer, and we look forward to working closely to ensure that our clients continue to deliver exceptional experiences that customers now expect.” 

The strategic partnership supports a new approach currently being embraced by global brands, who require a centralized way to curate, collaborate and gain insights across their entire content supply chain. By integrating Aprimo and SDL’s content, language and Linguistic AI technology, companies can streamline their content ecosystem, and ensure they’re providing customers with dynamic experiences across any channel or language.

About Aprimo
Aprimo provides digital solutions for content, operations, and performance that enable enterprises to optimize their brand experiences and the resources they use to deliver them. Our platform gives enterprises the advantage by streamlining and governing all the behind-the-scenes activities – from ideation to distribution – involved in delivering exceptional brand experiences.

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