BREX Builder for Contenta S1000D

When you use BREX Builder, it’s like having an experienced S1000D consultant on hand to offer recommendations for specific business rules based on real-world project experiences.

This self-contained application for Contenta S1000D provides a central place for creating, organizing and hosting business rule documents, BREX data module rule checks and enumeration lists.

Through a variety of built-in features and functionality for business rule management systems, BREX Builder delivers:

  • Significantly reduced project start-up time and costs
  • Increased accessibility and sharing of project information (helping all parties to collaborate on critical decision points)
  • Simplified conformance to the S1000D specification
  • Improved revenue by limiting exposure to unknowns

Download the data sheet to learn more about how a business rule engine like BREX Builder improves project outcomes.

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