LiveContent IETP

Military aircrafts parked on a runway

Can your tech docs deliver visually interactive knowledge any time, any place, in any language? 

The increasing complexity of today’s aerospace and defense systems demands delivery of the most up-to-date technical content in the right format, in the right language, at the right time. 

Our LiveContent product is an industry-proven Interactive Electronic Technical Publication/Manual (IETP/IETM) solution that delivers visually interactive, structured content in real-time to end users. LiveContent IETP/IETM provides a robust electronic publishing software solution for publishing electronic books, electronic technical manuals and other mission-critical content. 

With real-time filtering of information, it provides users with access to the right ‘as-maintained’ information, across multiple channels, in the moment. This helps to reduce mean time to repair and mean time to recovery and enables technicians to complete tasks faster and more accurately. 

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