Looking Back and Looking Forward: Globally Speaking Podcast
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Looking Back and Looking Forward: Globally Speaking Podcast

Globally Speaking is a podcast for localization professionals hosted by localization professionals. The hosts, Michael Stevens and Renato Beninatto, have casual conversations around things they’re passionate about, such as proving the ROI of localization, saving endangered languages and technology such as neural MT. Their guests are prominent industry thought leaders and subject matter experts.

How did it all begin? Michael and Renato, two localization industry veterans and frequent conference fixtures, created the Globally Speaking podcast after the 2016 localization conference season. They realized that at every conference, there are great ad hoc conversations happening between speakers, around coffee, at networking events and over dinner, and they wanted to share those conversations more broadly.

In production for over two years now, Globally Speaking has been a huge success. Just after Christmas, they published their 70th episode, in which they interview Scott Abel, aka The Content Wrangler. Then they’ll start the new year with an exciting podcast about blockchain.

If you’re new to the podcast, you might find it daunting to listen to all 70 episodes. We’ll help you get started by listing the top 7 episodes of all time.

  1. The Challenge of Neural MT: Part I

(Part II and Part III were also very popular) 

  1. The Rise of Interpretainment 
  1. Pricing: Addressing the Elephant in the Room  
  1. Localizing for the Netflix Effect  
  1. How to Be Globally Appropriate, Locally Relevant (and Avoid Cultural Mistakes) 
  1. Technology in the World of Translation 
  1. Localizing the Revolution in Global Travel…the Airbnb Way 




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RWS Moravia


About Michael: He’s been in the industry for over six years and specializes in driving new business revenue and helping clients grow internationally through optimizing global content. He was formerly a localization program director handling over $10M in revenue/year.

About Renato: He is the CEO of Nimdzi Insights, LLC, a research, consulting and education firm focused on the localization industry. Renato has served on the executive teams for some of the localization industry’s most prominent companies. He is a serial entrepreneur who has been in the loc industry since 1983.


Globally Speaking Radio, sponsored by RWS Moravia and Nimdzi.