The Top 8 Globally Speaking Radio Episodes of 2020
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The Top 8 Globally Speaking Radio Episodes of 2020

Globally Speaking Radio, sponsored by RWS Moravia, is the industry-leading podcast for localization professionals, hosted by localization professionals. In 2020, our podcast featured insightful and interesting conversations with industry leaders who shared their thoughts on many things related to being global.

From Microsoft to Pinterest and Slack to Kaleidoscope, we’ve dived into a wide range of topics over the past 12 months and heard insights that were sometimes controversial but always enlightening that will help any brand or business with their globalization strategy.

Here are our picks for the best of 2020.

Episode 98: How Translators without Borders Is Fighting COVID-19

Stella Paris, Head of Language Services at Translators without Borders, offers a detailed account of the ‘infodemic’ that sprung out of the COVID-19 crisis. Paris also talks about various projects that Translators without Borders is driving to translate and disseminate critical information worldwide.

Episode 99: A Comprehensive Approach to Culturalization with Chui Chui Tan of Beyo Global

Chui Chui Tan, Founder and Director of Beyo Global, dives deep into culturalization and its role in developing global business strategies. She illustrates the value of understanding more than just an audience’s language or content needs to provide local users with the best possible customer experiences.

Episode 103: Pinterest Has Localization Pinned Down

Head of the localization program at Pinterest, Francesca Di Marco, a 15-year veteran of the industry, shares how she built Pinterest’s localization program from scratch. She discusses how her localization team has continuously refined processes to combine translation, transcreation and in-market copywriting to achieve an optimum blend of global messaging and local relevance.

Episode 105: A CIO on Digital Transformation and Cultural Change

Jim DuBois, former CIO of Microsoft, published author and adviser to Fortune 500 companies and startups, shares some interesting stories about his time at Microsoft, the steps to digital transformation and the important role that corporate culture plays in growing a business. Jim spent 25 years at Microsoft and played an integral role in driving their digital transformation.

Episode 106: How Video Localization Is All Wrong (and How to Fix It)

Andre Hemker, the CEO of translation technology company Wordbee and the Founder and CEO of the German-based language service provider Wordcraft, shares his forward-thinking ideas about video localization, the future of translation technology and more.

Episode 108: The Importance of Terminology Work in Machine Translation and Search Engine Optimization

Klaus Fleischmann, a leading terminology expert, the CEO of Eurocom Translation Services and Founder and CEO of Kaleidoscope, shares his 25 years of expertise in the translation, localization and terminology industry. Fleischmann gives great insights into how to effectively use terminology in artificial intelligence (AI), machine translation (MT) and search engine optimization (SEO) strategies.

Episode 109: Applying Google’s E-A-T Guidelines to Your SEO Program

Lily Ray, the SEO Director at award-winning digital agency Path Interactive, shares her thought leadership on why Google prioritizes expertise, authoritativeness and trustworthiness (E-A-T) when ranking web pages in their search results. Ray explains what E-A-T is and how search engine optimization (SEO) is evolving.

Episode 110: Choosing and Implementing a Translation Management System (TMS) at Slack

Mike Harris, Senior Business Systems Developer for Localization at Slack, talks to us about how he recently guided the company through their migration to a new translation management system (TMS). Harris shares what features and functions Slack considered, their migration process and the subsequent benefits to the business.


As we head into our sixth year, we’re lining up more top-notch contributors, thought leaders and globalization game-changers. We’d love to know what you think about our 2020 episodes, who you’d like us to speak to in the next 12 months and any other thoughts you have on the Globally Speaking Radio podcast.

Thanks for tuning in!