RWS participates in CIPAC 2019 and launches new book for Chinese market
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RWS participates in CIPAC 2019 and launches new book for Chinese market

RWS CIPAC 2019 Booth in Action

From 2-3 September 2019, RWS sponsored the 10th China Intellectual Property Annual Conference (CIPAC) held at the Hangzhou International Expo Center. The theme of the conference was ‘Intellectual Property, Evolving with the New Era’, highlighting the ever-changing landscape of IP and focusing on China’s pivotal role as a driver of that change.

Crowdsourcing in the spotlight

On the morning of 2 September, Neil Simpkin, Managing Director, RWS IP Services, delivered a speech entitled ‘Crowdsourcing Search: New Solution for IP Enterprises’.

Neil Simpkin setting out why RWS IP Services leads the way in Crowdsourcing

Simpkin stated the case to attending IP professionals for considering a new approach to patent asset management by utilizing crowdsource potential. He demonstrated how crowdsourcing search can be effective in identifying value in patents and generating a return on investment related to R&D, turning traditional cost centres into potential revenue generators through asset protection and monetization. The revolutionary search model sparked a great deal of interest in the Hangzhou audience, driving many of the attendees to the RWS booth to learn more about the process.

RWS launches book with IPPH and hosts forum on Internationalization

On the afternoon of 2 September, RWS hosted a forum entitled “The State of Enterprise Intellectual Property Internationalization” and launched its new book, A Practical Guide to Patent Language Services.


Attendees of the forum included leaders from national IP enterprises and institutions, international patent and legal experts, entrepreneurs from Chinese patent language service companies and university academics. Simpkin delivered a speech at the opening of the forum, in which he described how the publication of A Practical Guide to Patent Language Services is only the beginning of RWS’s commitment to standardizing the practices that it has developed over the last 60 years as an industry leader.

After the opening speech, Mr Zhang Dongliang, the general manager of China Patent Technology Development Co., Ltd., addressed the summit forum and opened a special discussion on “Construction of an Enterprise Intellectual Property Rights Ecology” and “International Intellectual Property Talents Cultivation”. Representatives from government organizations, corporate intellectual property teams, professional service agencies and colleges and universities expressed their opinions and exchanged ideas. The consensus of the participants was to form synergies across various fields, such as industry development and personnel training, to assist the development of China’s IP industry.

RWS strengthens relationship with IPPH

On the morning of 3 September, Neil Simpkin and Zhu Mingang, Chairman, IPPH, held a meeting at the conference to discuss long-term strategy related to the RWS-IPPH partnership. Victor Wang, CEO, RWS China, and Charlotte Xu, Marketing Director, RWS China, also joined these discussions, providing a clear roadmap to leverage RWS’s expertise in IP Services and marketing resources in support of their new book and future endeavours.

RWS and IPPH Meeting

Mingang praised the quality of the services offered by RWS and its industry leadership in the field of IP services, highlighting RWS’s IP Research offerings and use of technology. Additionally, Simpkin confirmed his desire to establish long-term and stable cooperation with IPPH, using RWS’s status as a global leader in IP Services to promote greater China-European IP communication jointly. RWS and IPPH have worked together strategically and operationally since 2012 to assure quality, consistency and excellent service during the rapid development of China’s IP industry.