September 2019 Crowd Researchers of the Month
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September 2019 Crowd Researchers of the Month

Each month we like to recognize the top performing Crowd researchers for their outstanding work in the AOP Connect platform.  The Researcher of the Month and each of the runners up receive a reward for their contributions – congratulations to our Crowd!

Researcher of the Month – September:

  • Saindhava

Highlighter of the Month – September:

  • Kirubakaran S

Top researchers for September:

  • HyperInfo
  • Angeloluca
  • mike_manila

Read the below interview with one of our top Researchers of the Month to find out more about what it is like to be a researcher for RWS:





What is your profession?

Freelance Researcher

What is your education background?


What, if any, experience do you have in patent research?

I have been working with AOP Connect since 2011 and I have gained immense experience from this wonderful opportunity. I did not have prior professional experience in patent research.

What skills are the most useful in your research with RWS?

My reading comprehension, my creativity, my web research skills, my software development experience and attention to detail.

How did you first learn about RWS?

Through an online advertisement.

What languages do you speak?

English, Tamil

What do you enjoy most about being an RWS Researcher?

It engages my analytical brain and being a RWS Researcher has been a proud and profitable opportunity for me.

What is the most challenging aspect of RWS Research?

Initially, my understanding of studies other than those related to software was very poor. Since then, I have learned to research other domains like electrical engineering, and mechanical engineering, winning in those too.

What online or offline resources do you use in your research? (i.e. IEEE Xplore, PubMed, Library, etc.)

Google, Google Patents, IEEE Xplore

What have you learned about researching, technology, or patents since joining RWS?

I learned a lot about software technologies and other domains of technology like telecommunications. I honed my research skills by participating in a diverse set of studies through RWS.

How will you use your reward money?

It helped me to take care of my parents in the initial days. It has since helped to provide my son’s comforts and education.

Would you recommend researching with RWS to a friend or colleague? Why or why not?

I recommended a lot of friends. Some of them became successful researchers and others gave up since they lacked the skills needed or they were not persistent enough to try new things with RWS.

What are your Top 3 Tips for being an RWS Researcher?

  1. Be persistent.
  2. Read and comprehend with a clear mind.
  3. Vet your entries personally before submitting them and carefully consider their relevancy.

What is the most exciting story or discovery you have made while searching for prior art?

My success with claim mapping studies. Early on, I thought they were very difficult. After attending the webinar organized by RWS, it started to make sense and I was able to win many of them. I am looking for RWS to post more studies of this kind.

RWS offers a full spectrum of research options to address your specific project goals and budget requirements. From traditional research performed by proven subject matter experts, to crowdsourced research from our Crowd, RWS has the right solution for your matter. Find out more.