Supported patent filings

European Validation
Deadline: 3 months (from the date of publication of mention of grant)
London Agreement? No
Official Language: Norwegian
Translations Required: Yes
Forms: Yes
PCT National Phase Entry
Deadline: 31 months
Power of Attorney: Yes
Assignments: No
Language: English or Norwegian*
Translation Extension: Yes**
Excess Claims Fee: Yes***
Examination Request: Automatically examined
Country Notes:

* Before a patent is granted, a translation of the claims into Norwegian has to be filed if originally filed in English. It is recommended to do this just prior to grant.

** The English or Norwegian translation (in case of non-EN application) can be submitted within two months from the filing date.

*** An amendment to reduce the claims may be submitted. Any amendments made will incur additional translation costs.

• Small entity status: companies with less than 20 employees do not have to pay the examination fee, and pay a lower basic fee.

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