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Gain a comprehensive understanding of the competitive environment, identify growth opportunities and make informed decisions about your IP and innovation strategy.
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Business intelligence

A patent Landscape Search is a powerful tool in helping you to stay competitive in your industry. It provides valuable insights that can be leveraged to drive business success and mitigate risks. 

Our Landscape Search can: 

  • Inform R&D and product development: Insights gained can help prioritize projects and act as a valuable precursor to Freedom-To-Operate programs. 
  • Identify key players: By analyzing the patents held by others, you can gain competitive intelligence into their innovation strategies, strengths and weaknesses. 
  • Spot emerging trends: By analyzing recent patents and non-patent literature, you can stay ahead of the curve and anticipate shifts in the market. 
  • Assess market opportunities: Landscape searches can uncover areas of high or low activity. This can highlight potential opportunities for your business to innovate in a crowded market or fill potential white space. 
  • Aid Strategic partnerships and M&A: Understanding the patent assets of other companies can be a critical factor for collaborations, licensing, technology transfer or merger and acquisition (M&A) opportunities.
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How it Works

We take a tailored approach to every study, ensuring we assign the right people and resources to each project. Our processes are underpinned by ISO quality standards, and our team is supported by cutting-edge technology to ensure your goals are met. 

You can expect timely delivery of results via our IP Research platform, AOP Connect. Here you can review, store and categorize results quickly and efficiently. 

Our process includes: 

  1. Consultation: We start with a consultation to understand your goals and objectives. 
  2. Data Collection: Our Analysts collate data from a wide range of trusted sources.
  3. Analysis: Our experts can perform in-depth analysis and identify key insights. 
  4. Reporting: Receive customized reports and analysis to provide actionable results tailored to your audience.
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Types of Landscape Search

Statistical analysis 

Ideal for ‘helicopter view’ analysis with virtually no limit to the data set. Charts and visualizations are provided to decipher ‘big data’ and highlight trends.

State of the Art 

Systematic manual categorization of patent data performed by our Analyst team. Builds a patent collection to assist product development and provides a deeper understanding of existing solutions. 

CrowdSearch State of the Art

Provides landscape of product literature, marketing documents, products for sales and other forms of non-patent literature. Offers views of products across other industries and potential commercial solutions to problems. Excellent input for innovation use cases.

Why RWS?

Unparalleled expertise: RWS has the largest pool of IP researchers in the world, combining a team of in-house subject matter experts with a Crowd of over 40,000 skilled researchers. 

Process excellence: We adhere to ISO quality standards, ensuring we deliver outstanding quality every time. 

Comprehensive coverage: We have researchers in more than 170 countries, covering over 140 languages. 

Cutting-Edge Technology: Our client interface, AOP Connect, ensures that results can be reviewed easily and efficiently.

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