RWS IP Monitor: An Effective Way to Monitor Patent Developments in your Field of Interest

A customized patent watch service delivered by our expert IP Analysts
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Competitor patent monitoring

Track competitor patent activity and monitor intellectual property developments around specific technologies. Monitoring can be limited to your areas of interest to ensure you only receive relevant results. If you need to track specific patent status changes, our analysts will alert you to any developments of interest.

Technology innovation monitoring

Our analyst team will work with you to define a strategy that locates relevant publications in your field of interest. Our innovation and invention monitoring service is fully flexible, enabling you to track new technologies by patent classes or keywords. It also includes the option to perform AI concept searches.

Inventor activity monitoring

Are there particular inventors of interest in your technology space? Track all activity by a single inventor or group of innovators.

Design monitoring

Our design search pinpoints critical elements of interest. The service enables you to track design patents, as well as non-patent literature for features matching your parameters. Trust our team of expert analysts to keep you up to date with new developments at the earliest stage.

Quality intelligence made easy with IP Monitoring

Receive only relevant new publications at the frequency you need. Let our experts devise a tailored intellectual property watch strategy, providing ongoing refinement to keep your results sharp.

Our IP monitoring service connects with our flexible, secure online reviewing platform - AOP Connect. AOP Connect includes powerful reviewing tools to evaluate, share and categorize results. You can add your team members to facilitate collaboration in reviewing new data as it comes in. What’s more, the corpus of results built up over time is fully searchable and downloadable, whilst facilitating trend analysis on the historical data.

Some technologies or topics may contain noisy results. Our highly experienced IP Analysts can provide support with tasks such as filtering, categorization and highlighting key passages, letting you review your results more quickly.

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RWS: Experts you can Trust

  • The RWS IP Research team has been providing intellectual property monitoring services for over sixty years. 
  • We provide budget-friendly monitoring solutions tailored to your precise requirements.

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