RWS Analyst Search for R&D, Novelty and Patentability: Improve Innovation Outcomes

Improve your R&D and pre-filing processes with our Novelty/Patentability Search service. Trust our team of expert analysts to evaluate existing prior art in support of your invention. 

High quality search results help improve your innovation outcomes. Identify potential showstoppers or competitors early in the invention process, quickly determine if an invention is likely to be patentable, and improve the quality of your draft application.

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Innovation pipeline partner

Having worked with clients of all sizes over the past six decades, we understand what is needed to support the application process; whether it relates to one-off projects or involves the creation of a cost-effective pre-filing program involving thousands of cases per year. Our ISO 9001 certification underpins all our search efforts to ensure high-quality outcomes. For example, every novelty/ patentability search benefits from: 

  • security and confidentiality measures built in through use of our proprietary technology solutions. 
  • a panel of at least three analysts. 
  • a systematic methodology employing a balanced mix of tools to help determine whether a concept is novel or non-obvious. 

All the above factors combine to help clients to prioritize effort behind their highest value inventions. 

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Types of Novelty/Patentability searches

Scan Search

Our Scan Search provides a concise ‘first look’ at the proposed invention, swiftly identifying relevant prior art related to key concepts. Scan offers worldwide coverage across all PatBase records and a range of non-patent literature. 

This search option is perfect for initial assessments where the idea is not yet fully realized.

AI Search

Our AI Search uses the latest machine learning technology to provide a speedy, low-cost alternative to the Standard Search. 

It is built on an ‘analyst-in-the-loop’ model, combining artificial intelligence with human data analysis. The suitability of an AI search can be determined based on the amount of detail provided at the beginning of the project.

Standard Search

Standard search is a systematic search aimed at assessing the patentability of fully realized inventions. 

By helping to identify the likely impact of the examination process, we aim to reduce the risk of investing resources into patent applications that are unlikely to succeed. With worldwide coverage and access to all PatBase records, as well as a wealth of non-patent literature, the scope of this service is far-reaching.

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Our people

Novelty/Patentability searches are carried out by our highly qualified team of analysts. The team consists of graduate and post-graduate scientists and engineers, with expertise in a wide range of disciplines. On average, our Analysts have 15+ years of individual experience within the IP space. 

Based on your specific needs, our analysts will devise an appropriate search strategy, and will perform a technical evaluation of the resulting data. They adhere to rigorous search protocols certified to ISO 9001, giving you complete quality assurance.

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Our technology

Our analysts have access to the highest quality patent data via Patbase, our proprietary patent search database. 

We provide detailed reports, including patent families, bibliographic data, pdfs, relevant links, spreadsheets, search criteria documentation and more. 

Our IP research platform, AOP Connect, enables you to filter and search results for more efficient analysis. It also lets you collaborate with colleagues with tags and comments. 

We can integrate with your internal systems to improve efficiency. 

From order stage to delivery of results, our secure systems ensure complete confidentiality throughout.

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