RWS Globalization Testing

Users expect apps, websites and software to be easy to use and bug-free. Our globalization testing services balance speed, scalability and specialized technical skills to ensure you meet those expectations on a global scale. We can help you build world-class products that look, feel and perform as if they were created specifically for your customers in each market. 

For your business that means fewer release delays, lower support costs, faster time to market and improved user experiences around the world.

Our globalization testing services


We get your product ready for localization by making sure your source code is error-free and by fixing any elements that would create problems in localized versions. The result is localization-ready code: one set of source files that can be used for any language.
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Functional testing

Professional quality assurance (QA) testers verify that your products will function as expected in all your markets. Functional testing is designed to resolve non-linguistic issues such as crashes, system errors and broken links early in the product development process.
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Linguistic testing

Trained, native-language QA testers with linguistic expertise check language to ensure linguistic quality and accuracy in the final localized product, fixing typos, inconsistent terminology and truncated text.
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Case study: Delivering functional and linguistic excellence – globally

Learn about the real-world benefits of globalization testing in this story of a manufacturer whose reliable, intuitive smart-home devices had earned them an impressive reputation in their home market. With the help of our testing services, they were able to take their great products – and their great reputation – global.
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