RWS Testing & Data Training

Testing your products is critical for launching into global markets successfully. Extend your in-house quality assurance team with thorough product testing including voice assistance features as well as data training for embedded AI. 

Our testing and data training teams will help you simultaneously ship your products in a range of languages and deliver a flawless user experience in every market while protecting your brand.

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Key benefits

Ensure your products work as intended in every given market.

Enable new AI features for all markets.
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Improve end user experience.
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Protect your brand’s reputation.
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Prevent launch delays.

Avoid costly post-release bug fixes.

Ensure product success

Invest in peace of mind before your global launch

Linguistic testing

Test applications with native-language speakers for aspects such as clarity, context and accuracy, while also checking for other critical nuances such as data formats, special characters and layout functionality. 

No matter your need, our consulting team can ensure you produce culturally relevant content across all languages and markets.

Functional testing

Conduct in-depth verification of all software functions, in all environments. Detect deviations from the functional specifications and benefit from ad-hoc, persona-based exploratory testing. 

Let our strategic consultants help ensure your strategic goals are met by providing recommendations, implementation plans and best practices for maximum efficiency.

Data training

AI enabled processes require the creation of data sets needed to ensure proper functionality. Our team gathers and curates appropriate data to ensure your AI is globally and culturally aware.

Voice assistance

Empower your virtual assistant in any language with an end-to-end solution that includes creative content writing, localization, voice testing and collecting accent samples in different markets. 

Speech recognition, text-to-speech and phonetics testing closely examines audio quality, pronunciation and intonation to ensure responsiveness, accuracy and natural feeling audio exchanges.

Why work with RWS?

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Holistic approach to testing

Collaborate with our global testers to apply best practices and proactively identify potential issues prior to testing. Our global testers will become an extension of your QA and testing teams able to provide continuous round-the-clock testing across integrated global testing centers to meet tight deadlines. 

Use our subject matter experts to identify localization and core functional issues so that product defects are resolved before launch and ensure a positive user experience.

Holistic approach to testing
Global testing centers
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