Honda Motor Europe supports its dealer network with multilingual eLearning content

An innovative training and eLearning service provides content in up to 18 languages to support Honda staff and dealers across Europe.
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Honda Motor Europe
As the automotive industry is in the midst of a major transformation, the team at Honda Motor Europe is adapting to these changes while continuing to focus on delivering a great customer experience. By providing training in up to 18 languages to over 30,000 staff throughout their franchised dealer network, Honda is preparing its teams across Europe to work with the technologies of today and tomorrow.

"We have high expectations. The reason why we appreciate working with you is because RWS has the flexibility, competency and quality that we need. Your team is very proactive on making improvements and providing more services."

Oliver Gassner, Head of European Training, Honda Motor Europe


  • A decentralized translation model resulted in varying quality output 
  • The lack of an operational translation memory negatively impacted translation efficiency and cost 
  • Quality was affected by a poor terminology management process 
  • Internal resources were limited and processes could not scale to meet peak demands


  • A centralized and engaged model that delivers improved efficiencies 
  • A blended approach of human translation and machine translation with post-editing 
  • The application of a terminology management programme 
  • Implementation of a translation management system (TMS), including translation memory 
  • Ongoing client reviews and an innovative management approach 
  • Inclusion of services to rebuild course content 
  • Voiceover and subtitling 
  • Desktop publishing (DTP) 
  • Linguistic and functional testing


  • Improved efficiency and faster localization enables delivery to tight deadlines and accelerated speed to market 
  • A proactive approach and innovative technologies support continuous process improvement and cost efficiencies 
  • Satisfaction is kept high with an effective engagement strategy and with high quality output 
  • Greater scalability and reliability help to meet peaks in demand 
  • Translation memory and terminology management technologies deliver consistent quality that meets – and exceeds – Honda’s high quality standards