High-quality, comprehensive legal services around the world

We provide a suite of intellectual property services for patent filing, IP research and patent translation as well as the translation of other types of legal documents in hundreds of language combinations.

Services we offer our legal clients include:

  • Specialized legal translation—We deliver the highest-quality specialized legal translations using industry-leading, secure cloud-based solutions. We manage large volumes as well as exceptionally short time frames, including same-day, overnight, weekend and holiday delivery. Learn more.
  • Intellectual property (IP) services—RWS is the world’s leading expert in global intellectual property (IP) services. We automate international patent filing, translate patents in all required languages and offer patent search services. Learn more.
  • Interpreting—Our team solely consists of interpreters with extensive legal experience who are qualified to help mediate and translate complex legal exchanges. Learn more.

If you need precise, fast and secure legal translations and global intellectual property services, we can help.

Whatever the demands of your clients, we provide comprehensive legal solutions tailored to your firm’s specific requirements with an unsurpassed level of personal service.

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