RWS Services for Legal

Manage sensitive multilingual content with confidence in virtually any jurisdiction using our highly trained, specialised and certified linguists. 

We offer a dedicated round-the-clock personal service across countries and languages worldwide, whether you need on-site translation, localisation, interpreting or transcription.

Services for international law firms, GCs and corporate legal departments

Global translation and localisation Interpreting and transcription Additional services

Global translation and localisation

Our expert linguist teams have over 60 years’ experience providing professional legal translation services across a broad range of practice areas for multiple industry sectors. As well as pure translation services, we also provide post-edit of machine translated content as well as proofreading and review services. 

We work with you to agree a tailored solution that encompasses expert resources, efficient processes and robust quality checks, leveraging secure technology to streamline delivery for the fastest turnaround possible. 

We also provide localisation of marketing and promotional materials adapted to the cultural nuances of global markets, ensuring that your communications are appropriate for the distinct audiences at which they are targeted.

Interpreting and transcription

Our on-demand interpreting services are available via telephone, video, in-person and sign language. We provide face-to-face, simultaneous, whisper and consecutive interpretation and are also able to leverage secure interpreting platforms for scalability and speed. 

We also produce high-quality transcriptions of court hearings, trials, depositions and meetings in customised formats. We capture transcriptions in person, remotely by telephone or online meeting or via an audio or video recording. We attribute speakers accurately, correcting grammar if required, clarifying acronyms and technical language and then deliver reader-friendly documents formatted to your requirements, whether verbatim or tidied transcriptions.

Additional services

We offer professional, reliable certified legal translations of documents, ensuring they fulfill country-specific requirements. 

We also provide desktop publishing (DTP) services, ensuring that the layout and formatting of translated text and graphics achieve the desired impact. From content extraction to typesetting, the result is quality-assured and tailored to your audience. 

We are also experienced in multilingual optical character recognition (OCR), relieving you of the onerous task of digitising files and data regardless of complexity.

Why legal professionals choose RWS

  • Expert in translation of legal content 
  • Working with law firms, GCs and corporate legal departments worldwide via our network of international offices 
  • Trusted by top global law firms 
  • Aligned with the specific needs of legal practices including capital markets, data privacy and security, intellectual property and patents, investigation and discovery, litigation and arbitration and regulatory compliance as well as with legal operations departments 
  • Integration with leading eDiscovery, collaboration and document management platforms 
  • 24/7 coverage to support fast turnaround times 
  • Expert at blending human skills with technology excellence for maximum efficiency 
  • Security-assured language solutions to protect your most sensitive content and client data
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