Our interpretation services

  • Consecutive (liaison) interpreting—Ideal in one-to-one situations, small group discussions and court proceedings, this approach requires the speaker to pause after a few sentences to allow the interpreter to speak.
  • Simultaneous interpreting—Used at conferences or multilingual business meetings where speakers are interpreted concurrently, participants speak at a natural pace with no forced breaks and interpreters work simultaneously.
  • Over-the-phone interpreting—Our team of experienced interpreters are available in hundreds of languages 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. We charge no setup fees—you pay only for the time you are connected to the service.
  • Interpreting consulting—We can advise you on the most suitable interpreting arrangement for an upcoming event to help you plan for success.
  • Equipment rental and support—We provide specialist interpreting booths, conference microphones and headsets to ensure that your multilingual event is a success. Our experienced staff will provide advice on the best solution for your event, with an onsite engineer when necessary to ensure that everything runs smoothly.

We are RWS

We carefully match our global network of interpreters experienced in a range of interpreting styles and subject matters to the specific requirements of each situation so that your attendees and participants truly understand the communication taking place.

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