Language Quality Assurance

Our LQA services

  • Linguistic testing—Ensuring the linguistic quality of your website or software after localization to provide the best possible experience for your target customers. Learn more.
  • Third-party linguistic review—Sourcing and managing dedicated, independent linguistic reviewers who provide continuous quality assurance.
  • Translation memory, terminology and style guide management—Developing and maintaining your company assets to make sure all your materials consistently reflect your brand. Learn more.
  • Subject-Matter Expert (SME) review—Finding and placing SMEs to review your technical, scientific or industry-specific content for subject matter accuracy.
  • Reviewer training—Providing guidelines or formal training to a client’s in-country reviewers to ensure the best use of their time and the most effective review cycles.
  • Process development—Defining new or reviewing existing quality assurance processes and metrics and suggesting ongoing improvements and standardization.
  • Metrics and data analysis—Tracking the number, type and severity of errors, providing issue root cause analysis and presenting summary reports to enable business decisions based on data.
  • Custom quality automations—Building custom scripts to resolve linguistic issues automatically.

To provide the highest quality language solutions, we have implemented an ISO 9001 quality certification that codifies and governs virtually all our internal procedures. Our rigorous Quality Management System acts as the foundation for delivering unparalleled quality solutions while measuring and monitoring the effectiveness of key business and production processes

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Our LQA services help household-name brands ensure the linguistic quality required to drive customer loyalty, reduce customer support requests and protect brand reputation worldwide.

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