Localization Testing

Our localization testing services

Our testing solutions include one or more of the following:

  • Internationalization (i18n) testing—We get your product ready for localization by finding and fixing bugs in the source code that would replicate in localized versions. The result is localization-ready code: one set of source files that can be used for any language.
  • Functional testing—Our engineers verify that your website or software product works as expected. Functional testing is designed to resolve defects early in the product development process such as crashes, system errors and broken links.
  • Localization testing—After localization, we test that the localized products work exactly the same as the source version, checking for errors the localization process may have introduced such as display problems or aesthetic issues.
  • Linguistic testing—Our experienced testers, who are also native speakers of the target languages, review the final, localized product for the overall linguistic quality and accuracy needed to cement user confidence in your brand and product. They check for and fix linguistic errors such as typos, inconsistent terminology or truncated text.
  • User Experience (UX) testing—We conduct UX testing to ensure that your customers can successfully use your product or website in every market and on every device. We recruit real users with various levels of experience with your brand to perform real-world tasks such as making a payment or booking a service to uncover any usability issues ahead of global release.
  • Test planning, development and automation—We help define project scope and technology/resource requirements, design the test plan, integrate testing into your software development cycle and automate manual tasks for time- and cost-efficient testing.

We are RWS

With our complete range of testing services, we help ensure that your product, website or software looks, feels and functions as it should for each of your markets.

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