RWS Group
Translation on Demand Privacy Notice

RWS Group* offers Translation on Demand for the Enterprise as a hosted service for customers. RWS Group hosted services store customers’ information in third party data hosting centres located globally. Further details can be found in the RWS SAAS Privacy Policy which provides information on how and where RWS Group processes customer data. RWS Group provides these services on a standard basis not specifically designed to process personal data. This service is built using RWS Language Cloud. Please refer to the sections that address RWS Language Cloud for specifics relating to this service.

RWS Group will process your personal data to enable you to access Translation on Demand. Further information on the processing of your personal data by RWS Group is available in the RWS Privacy Policy where we explain how we process our customers’ personal data.

RWS Group asks that before entering any of your company data, especially personal data, for translation you must ensure you are complying with your company’s policies for passing data to third parties.

*RWS Group referenced herein shall mean RWS Holdings PLC for and on behalf of its affiliates and subsidiaries