Vendor Invoicing – Support

Please watch the short video below, and refer to the FAQs available to help you with self-invoicing functionality in SDL Workzone. If you can’t find the answer you need, please contact your Talent Manager for further assistance.

What is tax?

This is often referred to as VAT (value-added tax), GST (goods and sales tax) or simply tax, and is a charge added to an invoice for applicable services that is paid to tax authorities. This is chargeable only if you are registered for tax in the tax jurisdiction of the ‘place of supply’ which is typically the country of the SDL ordering office. If you have any questions please contact your accountant or local tax authority for further guidance.

What is withholding tax?

In some countries, income tax for self-employed individuals is deducted by companies paying invoices and is paid directly to the government. This is called withholding tax, as a proportion of the invoice is withheld from the individual, and paid to the government.

What is my tax registration number?

If you have to pay a tax, like sales tax, VAT, etc. often you'll be registered with the tax authorities and issued with a number. For example, in Europe, you may have a VAT number. This is the number you should enter. If you are not registered then leave this blank.

What is my tax registration country?

If you have had to register for taxes (see what is my tax registration country), please enter the country you are registered with (this may be different to your current country of residence).

What is my personal tax number?

A personal tax number is used for personal taxation, and is unique to you. It often relates to income tax that you may have to pay on your earnings, rather than a tax you have to pay for a sale or invoice.

What is Subtotal?

The subtotal is the amount of your invoice before any applicable taxes or deductions have been applied. This is also known as the gross amount.

What is Total?

The total is the amount of your invoice after all applicable taxes or deductions have been applied. This is also known as the net amount.

What does the invoice status "Awaiting approval" mean?

You have submitted the invoice to SDL, and our finance team will now review your invoice, and either approve it for payment, or reject it.

What does the invoice status "Approved - awaiting payment" mean?

Your invoice has been approved for payment. We commit to issuing payment within 30 days of receiving a complete and valid invoice, where it will be paid in the payment run that falls before the due date (30 days from invoice received date). Occasionally, for small payments, we may hold your payment to minimise banking fees. If you would still like the payment to go ahead, please contact the SDL Accounts Payable.

What does the invoice status "Approved - send for payment" mean?

Your invoice has been approved for payment and included in the next batch of invoices that have been sent for payment. You should expect to see the payment clear in your bank account within the next 5 working days. If it does not, please contact SDL Accounts Payable.

What does the invoice status "Rejected" mean?

Your invoice has been rejected by our finance team. This could be for a number of reasons, which will be included on the email sent to you when the invoice was rejected. You can also view the rejection reason by looking at the invoice details within WorkZone.

What does the invoice status "Cancelled" mean?

You chose to cancel the invoice after submitting it to our finance team. You can no longer proceed with this invoice.

For which reasons can my invoice be rejected by SDL?

Invoice not billed (addressed) to the ordering SDL office Please ensure the physical invoice you uploaded contains the correct address of the SDL office you are invoicing.
Tax is calculated incorrectly on the invoice Please make sure you have calculated and entered the VAT amount correctly on the ‘New Invoice’ screen in SDL Workzone and in the attached invoice file. This calculation should be based on your VAT status and the laws of your country.
Withholding tax is calculated incorrectly or missing from the invoice If your country requires withholding tax to be stated in your invoices, please ensure you have entered the correct amount when creating your invoice in SDL Workzone as well as including it in the attached invoice file.
The invoice total does not balance with the purchase order(s) and tax values entered Please make sure your uploaded invoice total is correctly calculated and consistent with the amount shown in SDL Workzone.
VAT cannot be claimed as service is outside of normal tax treaties VAT should not be applied; the task is not taxable as per the laws of your country.
Purchase order(s) have been deleted One or more purchase orders in your invoice have been cancelled and can no longer be invoiced. Please create your invoice again, excluding the cancelled purchase orders.
Document provided is not a valid invoice, incomplete and/or illegible The invoice file you submitted via SDL Workzone is invalid, incomplete or illegible and cannot be processed. Please check your upload contains all necessary information and is in the correct format.

How can I delete my draft invoices?

Please go to your existing Create Invoice task in your Home tab, and then click Cancel.

I use an umbrella or pay agent to issue invoices on my behalf. Can I continue to do this?

Yes, this is accepted but you will now have to load the invoices into SDL Workzone rather than emailing them to SDL.

Why does the button Add all invoices disappear when I press Show purchase orders eligible for invoicing?

This is because not all eligible purchase orders are of the same SDL Ordering Entity and currency.

How can I invoice purchase orders that are older than 6 months?

Purchase orders older than 6 months will need to be sent directly to SDL's finance team by email. Please add a mention that your purchase orders are older than 6 months old to ensure your invoices are processed.

How can I continue or edit my draft invoices?

You can continue or edit a draft invoice by going to your Home tab, and clicking your Create Invoice task(s).