SlatorCon Silicon Valley 2024

September 5, 2024 in Silicon Valley, CA
We are excited to be the Lead Partner at SlatorCon 2024 which is taking place in Silicon Valley, California, September 5, 2024.
SlatorCon 2024 is built to equip industry stakeholders with actionable insights for their day-to-day work. Examine how rapid technology advancements are impacting the hyper competitive language industry.
As Lead Partner, we're delighted to announce the arrival of Evolve, our revolutionary new revolutionary linguistic AI solution enabling global communication at speed and at scale. 
By harnessing the latest Generative AI, Evolve combines neural machine translation, large language models, and human-in-the-loop services within a secure translation management system to overcome language barriers cost-effectively.

RWS on the agenda

Beyond the hype: Trust and innovation in AI adoption
This session will look to the future and address the evolving role of LSPs, illustrating the need to expand beyond traditional translation services to offer comprehensive, purposeful AI solutions, ensuring customers have a trusted partner to solve rapidly changing business challenges.
We will provide insights into how Genuine Intelligence™ integrates humans and machines to revolutionize traditional translation through linguistic AI solutions like Evolve and TrainAI, RWS’s AI data training services, showcasing how they enhance AI accuracy and reliability, ensuring robust and trustworthy AI-driven global content.
  • Mark Lawyer, General Manager, Linguistic AI, RWS
  • Vasagi Kothandapani, President, Enterprise Services, RWS
Further information to follow shortly. In the meantime, follow us on @RWSGroup for updates.