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Watch Connect on-demand to explore how can you ensure that you have the right foundations in place to unlock global understanding and deliver engaging customer experiences no matter where your customers are.

Hear from RWS leaders, clients and industry experts as we explore how you can take your global content further.

  • Discover how our combination of technology and human expertise can help you grow
  • Learn how to develop relevant and engaging content for global audiences
  • Ensure you maintain compliance with ever-increasing ESG/regulatory requirements
  • Uncover ways to use data more effectively in your organization

Going global is easier said than done.

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CEO Keynote: It's time to unlock global understanding

Ian El-Mokadem, CEO of RWS, explores how technology is making global understanding possible and explains why the company’s new purpose, strategy and values uniquely position RWS as the only organization that can help you unlock global understanding.

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Why words matter

Bestselling author and marketing guru Seth Godin explores the relationship between technology and language, why the words you choose matter, and how you can truly engage with customers through the power of language.

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How to expand into global markets faster

Camille Avila explains why it is more important than ever to re-think localization approaches and reveals the innovative, scalable and automated approaches now available to help you expand into global markets faster.

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How to drive more effective global eLearning experiences

Jose González Mediero explains why organizations that embrace the creation of learning materials designed for their learners in each market from the outset, will soon find they are building better, more effective eLearning experiences that are delivered more quickly and efficiently.

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Accelerating sustainability reporting for global audiences

David Hetling explains why tech-enabled services are key to ensuring that contrasting stakeholder audiences – like customers, regulators and investors – are all participants in the conversation.

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Going global through patent protection

Covid-19 has changed the IP landscape and the forthcoming Unitary Patent will bring further changes. Christopher Brothers explores what these changes mean for all those who create IP and are concerned with protecting their ideas globally.

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Relax, stretch and unwind with desk-based Pilates

Join professional Pilates instructor, Claire Hindley for a quick and easy desk-based Pilates session. Claire will lead us through a series of techniques to refocus on posture, creating length in the body and space in the mind; specifically mobilising and stretching areas of the body that need release from sitting.

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Delivering digitally – lessons from the automotive industry

Jack Ruane explains why an integrated content ecosystem is critical for global businesses with complex digital content needs, and how it helps them deliver better customer experiences.

Quality training data as a lever for global expansion

Martha Crow explains that for those companies looking to deliver the very best global customer experiences, it is the combination of human intelligence, global reach and language expertise that will help solve this challenge.

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How AI allows clients to go global hyperscale

Mihai Vlad explores new ways in which new AI technologies can change the way we approach localisation by allocating precious resources where it truly matters.

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The future of documents

Jan Benedictus shares how we help organizations to 'island' their authors in this revolution, and how we are helping to shape the future of documents.

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Customer Panel Q&A - exploring global understanding

Our panel, involving three customers, will reveal how their organizations have overcome the complexities involved with unlocking global understanding and building relationships with global audiences.

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