SDL Introduces Trados Studio 2015

New solution enriches user experiences and builds on the ability to provide seamless global customer experiences

Wakefield, MA and Maidenhead, UK
7/27/2015 6:30:00 AM

SDL (LSE: SDL) introduced SDL Trados Studio 2015, the next generation of the world’s leading translation software. A core component of SDL’s language technology platform and an integral element of the award-winning Customer Experience Cloud, SDL has built on over 30 years of translation technology developments to deliver the most advanced translation software. With an intuitive new user interface built for personalization, Studio 2015 is designed to increase productivity while ensuring the highest level of translation quality, all in a look and feel that works best for each individual user.

To deliver a personalized and relevant experience there is a critical need to provide content in the language of each individual consumer. For organizations that operate globally, language can be determined by geography, location or personal preference and the ability to deliver content to customers – at every stage of the journey – is essential to the customer experience and the bottom line. With Trados Studio 2015, SDL has developed the next evolution in translation technology, bringing the power of translation further into its integrated language platform.

“Our world-class language technology, coupled with our focus on providing the ultimate experience, has allowed us to deliver the solutions that users want and need. SDL Trados Studio 2015 stems from years of expertise and research and provides users with the tools they need to do their work more confidently and efficiently,” said Mark Lancaster, CEO and Founder, SDL. “We are proud of the work we are doing to continue the advancement of translation technology. As language plays a critical role in every customer experience, it is paramount that organizations have the technology that answers the call for more content, in every language.”

SDL Trados Studio 2015 is an essential component of SDL’s Customer Experience Cloud, helping companies deliver content in real time, in the right language. With the strong evolution in globalization and the exponential growth in digital content creation, more organizations are under pressure to increase the amount of translated content they deliver to drive a better customer experience. SDL Trados Studio 2015 helps organizations achieve this by maximizing translation speed and enhancing translation quality.

Through its open architecture and extensive file type support, Studio 2015 can not only be integrated with content management systems but it also enables the translation of all file types – ranging from web content to product documentation – in the most efficient way possible. Studio 2015 strengthens its connectivity to SDL Language Cloud and its machine translation offering, further accelerating translation speed. Its close integration with SDL Translation Management Systems provides the ultimate productivity tool for all translation projects created through these systems. With Studio 2015 combined with SDL’s overall language offerings, delivering the right language in the right format has never been easier.

Serving over 70 percent of the freelance translator market, 80 percent of the translation management system market and 60 percent of the translation memory collaboration market, SDL is leading the development of language technology and is at the forefront of providing truly global customer experiences.

SDL provides solutions to translators across the globe who discuss their experiences with Studio 2015:

“I have a specific way of working, and with Studio 2015 I can personalize my Studio UI layout, the fonts or keyboard shortcuts to suit my way of working and drastically improve my productivity,” said Natalia Yachmeneva, Translator. “The ability to simplify my screen so that only the tools and functions I want are displayed and the Quick Access toolbar are great examples of SDL’s knowledge of the translation industry and what is needed to continue to improve. The updates within Studio 2015 reaffirm SDL’s position at the front of the list when it comes to translation technology.”

“With the improved AutoSuggest features in Studio 2015, SDL has provided a solution to a common request from translators. With the new Translation Memory and Automated Translation option under AutoSuggest, suggestions can be offered from exact, fuzzy and concordance matches from existing translation units in our TMs, and from automated translation providers, greatly improving efficiency,” said Nora Diaz, Translator, Interpreter and Language Consultant. “These new options, combined with what has been previously available, make AutoSuggest one of my favorite features and Studio 2015 a go-to resource for me to work faster and smarter.”

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