Our 90 Day Countdown Begins: An Invitation to RWS Researchers from Patent Olympiad

7/29/2019 12:00:01 AM
July 29, 2019: ninety days out and counting down. On October 27, 2019, patent researchers from around the world will gather in Bucharest, Romania for the welcoming celebrations of the second annual Patent Olympiad. The next morning those same researchers will gather in a single room, fire up their research tools and push the limits of their creativity and expertise in a gruelling, multi-part challenge of their patent research skills. Only three will earn the honour of being Patent Olympiad Champions for 2019. Will one of them be you?

RWS and Patent Olympiad: Partnering Again

We at Patent Olympiad are happy to say that we are partnering with RWS IP Services once again. RWS Researchers featured prominently in the competition last year and we hope that we will see some familiar faces again this year. We would love to see more of you join us, too. As we did last year, we are delivering the exam using a platform that should be familiar to the RWS Researcher community: AOP Connect™. It is a platform that works incredibly well for hosting patent research competitions, so it is a great fit. We are delighted to be working closely with your Director of Community, Kathryn Lampron.  Kathryn and the team provided us with incredible support throughout the planning process last year.  They – and their faith in us as an untried event – were a huge part of the success of the first Patent Olympiad.

Patent Olympiad 2019: What You Need to Know Now

You will be hearing more about Patent Olympiad 2019 in the coming weeks, but here is what you should know now.

1) Registration for Patent Olympiad 2019 is OPEN

Registration opened in mid-July and we will close it when all the competition slots are filled. Note: we have more capacity this year, but seats are still limited. So please, do not hesitate to decide. We would love to see you there. You can check out our registration page here.

2) Patent Olympiad runs from October 27 to October 29

Our schedule thus far:
  • October 27: Pre-Game Social (Meet and Greet with an option for sightseeing)
  • October 28, AM: Game Day
  • October 29, TBD: Announcement of the Winners
For information and updates, see our website at https://patenteolympiad.org.

3) Our Host Conference: EPOPIC 2019

Not everyone will want to make their trip to Bucharest a patent research enthusiast’s dream, but you might. Our Host Conference, EPOPIC 2019, is the European Patent Organization’s annual patent information conference. The event will offer workshop training opportunities and help you to stay up-to-date with current topics in patent information. Also, it is great way to connect with your peers in patent research. You can participate in both Patent Olympiad and EPOPIC 2019; however, our primary programs do not overlap. Registration for EPOPIC is separate. You can check out the program for EPOPIC here.

4) Want Tips to Help You Succeed? Watch out for Alerts in August and September

Last year, some of our contestants told us we needed to provide more information on how to succeed. We agreed. During the months of August and September, please watch for additional announcements about educational content and mini-challenges related to the event. To find out when we release these alerts, follow @PatentOlympiad on one of our social media channels, or sign up for email updates on our website. You can find us here:

And One Last Thing…

The Patent Olympiad is not simply a competition, it is a celebration of you, the patent researcher, and all of us, the patent research community. So: start your 90-day countdown now. Come and join us in the fun!
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