Tridion and AAAtraq unite to drive accessibility, fostering social compliance responsibilities

Partnership underscores a shared commitment to promote digital inclusivity through accessibility

Chalfont Saint Peter, UK
1/18/2024 9:00:01 AM
Tridion, RWS’s intelligent content management solution, and AAAtraq, a pioneer in accessibility compliance, proudly announce a strategic partnership aimed at advancing accessibility initiatives across digital experiences. The collaboration will enable web designers and content developers to rapidly build websites and design content that is compliant with accessibility and social compliance obligations.
The partnership underscores a shared commitment to promoting digital inclusivity through accessibility. Tridion leverages AAAtraq's expertise to enhance its accessibility features, enabling clients to foster a welcoming digital environment for all users – regardless of their abilities.
AAAtraq's Accessibility Content Manager (ACM) is a powerful AI tool securely integrated within a website, automating the identification and correction of content accessibility failures. This user-friendly solution empowers anyone with a computer and a web browser, regardless of prior knowledge, to prioritize and address the accessibility content challenges that make the biggest difference. Crucially, ACM eliminates 95% of the time and costs typically associated with making website content accessible.
Key features of AAAtraq's Accessibility Content Manager include:
  • Automated Identification and Correction: ACM employs advanced AI technology to find and diagnose accessibility content failures, providing accurate suggestions for best practice fixes.
  • Simplified Accessibility: Users can navigate the platform without the need for extensive training, removing the complexity associated with accessibility management.
  • Learning by Doing: ACM provides users with 1-2-1 guidance, equipping them with the knowledge and confidence to publish accessible content independently in the future.
Elsa Sklavounou, VP AI Alliances, Global Partnerships - Content Technology at Tridion, expressed enthusiasm about the partnership, stating, "Our collaboration with AAAtraq marks a significant step forward in our mission to make digital content accessible to all. By adding AAAtraq's cutting-edge technology to our platform, we are providing our users with a seamless and efficient solution to address accessibility challenges, ultimately contributing to a more inclusive digital landscape."
Rob Andrews, SVP, Strategic Partnerships at AAAtraq, shared his thoughts on the partnership, saying, "We are thrilled to join forces with Tridion in our shared commitment to advancing accessibility in digital content. With Tridion as a foundation partner for AAAtraq's Accessibility Content Manager, we are confident in our collective ability to drive positive change and empower individuals to create digital experiences that prioritize inclusivity."
The partnership between Tridion and AAAtraq exemplifies a collaborative effort to prioritize accessibility, making strides toward a more user-friendly digital future while supporting organizations' diversity, equity and inclusion and social compliance responsibilities.
Tridion is a leading provider of global content management solutions, empowering organizations to create, manage, and deliver content across various digital channels. With a commitment to innovation and customer success, Tridion strives to enhance the digital experience for users around the world.
AAAtraq is a trailblazer in accessibility compliance, offering innovative solutions to automate the identification and correction of content accessibility failures. With a mission to make the digital landscape accessible, AAAtraq's solutions empower individuals at all levels within an organizations to contribute to a more inclusive digital world.
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