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Wali Naderi 02 Nov 2021 4 mins
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The Content Management System (CMS) space continues to evolve, catering to a wider range of organization needs than ever before. Given today’s CMS’s numerous roles and capabilities, there is a pressing need to thoroughly evaluate various CMS solutions available on the market today before you decide to replace your existing solution.
There are several analyst firms that look at the wider DXP (digital experience platform) market, but only a few that perform a thorough analysis of CMS solutions specifically. In particular IDC and Ars Logica do so today. RWS was scrutinized by both, and we’re happy to share the results with you.

IDC coverage – RWS as Leader and Major Player

The IDC MarketScape report is IDC’s premier vendor assessment tool that provides an in-depth quantitative and qualitative assessment of vendors. The overall position in the MarketScape report is a combination of scores for offering capability and strategy. Recently, IDC evaluated CMS solutions in two categories:
  • Authenticated Digital Workspaces
  • Persuasive Digital Experiences
RWS participated in both of the assessments, and Tridion came out as a Leader and as a Major Player in these 2 report respectively.
Tridion was recognized for its ability to handle complex multilingual, multi-region, multi-brand, and multichannel projects from a fully decoupled architecture and by offering headless omnichannel publishing using GraphQL.
Continue reading to explore these accolades in more detail and download the associated reports.
Authenticated Digital Workspaces
There has been a paradigm shift in how corporates interact with their employees, partners, and others. Face-to-face interactions have moved on to the back foot and are becoming more of an “additive communication” supplementing digital experience.
Digital workplaces are evolving to be an ecosystem of connected communications, business tasks, or activities. They surface work activities, collaboration tasks, social environments, and knowledge bases. In this digital workplace, the CMS acts as the single source of truth of information. It serves a distributed workforce covering employees, affiliates, agents and other partners through authenticated intranets and extranets.
A CMS should streamline content workflows so that remote workers and external authorized users can connect, collaborate, and participate more effectively. This requires modern digital workplaces to have a high degree of interoperability with many different systems.
IDC has positioned RWS as a “Leader” within the IDC MarketScape Worldwide Content Management Systems for Authenticated Digital Workspaces 2021 Vendor Assessment, in line with the business critical role of Tridion for many our customers’ global intranet and extranet applications.
Persuasive Digital Experiences
IDC recognizes that modern CMSs have evolved to streamline the content value chain and orchestrate customer engagement across every digital channel to accommodate this drastic shift and reliance on digital channels. CMSs are adopting advanced functionality such as headless, cloud-native microservice architectures, while the content creation and delivery process are augmented with automation and intelligence to better engage the customer on any digital touchpoint. All these enhancements, features, and functionalities are covered/evaluated under this category.
IDC has positioned RWS as a “Major Player” within the IDC MarketScape Worldwide Content Management Systems for Persuasive Digital Experiences 2021 Vendor Assessment, confirming Tridion's solid and longstanding position as global enterprise CMS for large multinationals.

RWS – the number one Leader in Component Content Management Systems (CCMS)

Ars Logica, a high-touch consulting and advisory firm, has carried out a series of in-depth evaluations of the CCMS technology platforms under its Compass Guide to Component Content Management Systems research program.
Ars Logica analyzed the strengths of technology platforms in categories of critical importance to business users against the robustness of technical underpinnings, and generated two overall scores - one for the business categories and one for the technical categories.
Tridion Docs, part of the Tridion platform, emerged as the number one Leader in both the category scores – getting a score of 9.06 out of 10 in the business category and 8.31 out of 10 in the technical category. We are proud to continue to lead the pack in the CCMS space with Tridion Docs, and have just entered a new phase with our semantic AI capabilities that further solidifies our position.
Analytical firms such as IDC and Ars Logica play a vital role in educating both buyers and vendors. Their vendor assessment results are based on an in-depth quantitative and qualitative assessment. And we second their finding that Tridion is amongst the very best CMS solutions for multinational organizations; even more so if they need to communicate with their stakeholders in multiple languages and through various platforms and devices, because “Tridion thrives on complexity.”
Wali Naderi

Wali Naderi

Senior Product Marketing Manager
Wali Naderi has 20 years' experience in the IT industry with some well-known IT organizations in various positions (Product Management, Product Marketing, and Sr. Alliance Management). He joined RWS in late 2020 as a Senior Product Marketing Manager, focusing on the partner community.
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