Authoring complex XML documents with Word-like ease

Lou Iuppa 21 Sep 2022 5 mins
RWS IP Services
How valuable would it be if your staff could author complex technical documentation with an easy-to-use Word-like editor? What if your subject matter experts could participate in the content creation process without specialized training? That is now a possibility thanks to our recently acquired structured authoring software FONTO.
Fonto is a structured content authoring application used by subject matter experts to make the creation, editing and review of documents flawless, fast and efficient.
It provides authors and reviewers with a simplified approach to centralized collaboration in an easy to use, MS Word-style user interface. Tracking changes, and even historical changes, adding comments, and providing feedback to the author becomes a well-managed, traceable process.
At the recent S1000D User Forum, the break-out sessions included discussions on S1000D and why companies should adopt this standard. The main benefit of using such a standard is that there is a common language and a common approach to developing technical publications. This can help streamline publication operations, improve turnaround, increase content quality and reduce sustainment costs. This explains why the S1000D standard is already used by many aerospace and defense companies around the world to create technical publications, especially for maintenance information.
There are several tools available for authoring publications using S1000D, including the Contenta Publishing Suite offered by RWS. This is an industry-proven software suite used to create, edit, manage, publish and deliver mission-critical technical content to support the needs of product and service life cycle management.
The Contenta Publishing Suite integrates with structured authoring tools like Arbortext Editor and Oxygen to support S1000D authoring. However, each of these tools require both an awareness of the S1000D data standard and the skill to navigate a structured authoring environment. Let's just say it doesn’t offer the streamlined authoring experience of Microsoft Word! On the other hand, while Word offers a great authoring experience, it doesn't give you the structured content that is required to effectively drive today's data management, reuse, and single source multichannel delivery needs.
But what if you could create structured content with a Microsoft Word-like experience? And what if that structured authoring experience integrated seamlessly with your content repositories and multichannel publishing software? Over the past 20+ years, a number of organizations have tried and failed to deliver just such an easy to use, Word-like structured authoring experience. The ability of a vendor to deliver this type of authoring experience has even been called the Holy Grail of the structured authoring industry.
Well, we believe we have found this Holy Grail and its name is FONTO! 
FONTO delivers the same easy to use, Microsoft Word-like authoring experience equally well either standalone using a file system or when integrated with any content management and/or multichannel publishing solutions. It is already integrated with some RWS products, and more integrations are on the way. FONTO really raises the bar within the structured content authoring industry.
Click here to explore the benefit of adding a Microsoft Word-like structured authoring experience to your business.
Lou Iuppa

Lou Iuppa

Lou Iuppa is RWS's VP of Business Development. Much of his experience is within the aerospace and defense industry, developing and managing strategic business relationships within the US military.
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