5 ways to improve your business translations with Language Weaver

Michelle Kwak 18 Jan 2023 5 mins
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The field of business translation can appear very complex, not least as more organizations transition from a traditional approach to one that includes machine translation and real-time capabilities. Here we offer five clear reasons to consider using Language Weaver for your business translation needs.
These five reasons speak to the key considerations that are vital in successful business translation for global organizations. Designed to provide the best machine translation software for enterprise-ready implementation, Language Weaver is specifically focused on meeting these critical areas.

1. Security

The first is particularly high profile at the moment. The boom in cloud service adoption through the pandemic was only matched by the rise in cybercrime. Awareness of the need to double down on cybersecurity has never been higher. This is especially important when translation involves sensitive commercial, legal or technical documentation. Language Weaver has security baked into the core of our approach while also providing guarantees around data ownership.

2. Scalability

Second is the importance of working with a solution that can scale and flex as your business needs grow across functions, teams and use cases. Language Weaver is designed to grow with your needs across business processes and use cases including those involving multilingual text, data and content as well as real-time support services. Whatever the range of languages or the volume and type of translation Language Weaver delivers.

3. Adaptability

Next consider the importance of adaptability, ensuring accurate output that is also specific to an organization and its domain context. With Language Weaver, you are working with a system that includes adaptive feedback loops and automatic learning that enable continuous improvement of translation performance. Therefore organizations can leverage all available in-house resources and cumulative expertise to improve translations at scale for the benefit of the entire organization.

4. Full governance

As tech and especially data regulation increases across geographic territories, it’s important to know that Language Weaver includes full data governance and compliance capabilities, providing you with the assurance and peace-of-mind that you are following due process in each market, enabling you to concentrate on what you do best.

5. User Experience

Finally it is vital to consider the simplicity and usability of your translation solution. Language Weaver has worked to remove barriers to adoption and to enable self-service across business functions. In this way you can be assured that the solution will be used when and where it is needed and that you will be maximizing the value from your investment.
The five reasons highlighted here emphasize the Language Weaver commitment to understanding and meeting today’s global business needs and expectations. Underpinning all of this is the ease with which Language Weaver can be integrated across your existing business systems and workflows, removing risks and delays and seamlessly supporting the delivery of translation capabilities across the organization. 

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Michelle Kwak

Michelle Kwak

Director of Product Marketing, Language Weaver.
Michelle is a technology product marketer focused on communicating the value of RWS’ machine translation solutions for global organizations.
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