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Matt Hardy 08 Mar 2024 3 mins
RWS Manifesto
If you feel like you’re in a race to invest in AI – but you’re not sure where to start – you’re not alone. Accenture’s Chief recently admitted that “Most companies are not ready to deploy AI at scale.” Our recent Genuine Intelligence™ report outlines several pressing themes that companies need consider before embarking on their AI journey. One of the key themes, ‘Innovate like you mean it,’ challenges organizations to question their innovations and ensure they have a clear path (and set of desired outcomes) when developing the ‘next big thing’ in AI.
As Ben Middleton put it, “It’s really important that we’re not using AI for AI’s sake. We need to be very clear on the best use cases and applications for AI.”

A rich history of innovation

Our own innovation journey spans decades – from developing electronic dictionaries and translation memory and management systems, to first launching statistical machine translation in 2003, to later developing the world’s most advanced neural machine translation platform. Our 45+ AI-related patents and papers highlight the ways our language specialists and elite scientists continue to redefine the limits of machine translation.
As pioneers, we’re not afraid to push boundaries, ask the hard questions and challenge the status quo. And through it all, we seek to deliver results that embody trust, reliability and a vision for a digital world rooted in ethical practices, respect for individuals and making a positive impact on society.

RWS’s AI Manifesto

Our AI Manifesto – which grounds our AI development – is a reflection of our journey here at RWS and aligns with our values: we Partner, we Pioneer, we Progress and we Deliver. These guide how we work, collaborate, innovate and envision the future where AI works for everyone.
Outlined below are the four key principles of RWS’s AI Manifesto:
  • Partner with respect: We treat every piece of content, every byte of data, and every interaction with the care it deserves. We honour the trust our clients and stakeholders place in us by appropriately safeguarding the confidentiality and integrity of the information.
  • Pioneer ethically: We drive innovative solutions that respect human values and promote equity. From combating bias and hallucinations to creating and transforming ethical content, to dealing fairly and inclusively with our supply chain, we want to be at the forefront of responsible and ethical AI.
  • Progress through protection: We don’t just move forward, we do so with privacy and security as core considerations. This involves actively partnering with industry bodies and client-led Responsible AI programmes and sharing our insights to contribute to shaping industry best practices.
  • Deliver with accountability: As part of delivering results, we concentrate on owning our actions, always being prepared to address challenges head-on, and being transparent about our decision-making process. Governance and risk management are key focal areas to support our accountability framework.
Whether we’re using AI internally, or developing AI solutions for our clients, these principles guide our approach and philosophy – ensuring that AI is developed ethically, responsibly, and with clear business outcomes in mind.
Matt Hardy

Matt Hardy

SVP, Linguistic AI
With 18 years at RWS, Matt Hardy has a rich background in Language Technology. As SVP of Products for Linguistic AI, Matt is responsible developing our portfolio of AI-enabled technologies and services for clients. Matt's mission is to help translators and organizations navigate, and excel in, the ever-evolving landscape of language services, now and in the future.
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