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Lou Iuppa 17 Apr 2023 4 mins
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Are you struggling with complex document production in the legal or financial services publishing world? Do you need the ability to make last minute changes and contain them to a page, block or even a single line? Look no further than XPP, a game-changing publishing software that offers unmatched speed, scale, quality, and automation to streamline your document creation process.
Speed and efficiency are critical in today's fast-paced publishing landscape, and XPP delivers. With lightning-fast processing and formatting capabilities, you can produce legal and financial documents with quick turnaround times, saving valuable time and effort. XPP can be set up as a black box print button or as a highly granular, interactive publisher to address those last-minute changes.
Quality is paramount in the publishing industry, and XPP sets the standard with its exceptional quality control features. With precise rendering of complex documents, including support for intricate financial tables and footnotes, you can trust that your documents will be produced with utmost accuracy and professionalism.  XPP's automated quality checks help catch any formatting or content errors, ensuring that your documents meet the highest standards of quality.
And what’s more, XPP’s automation capabilities for EDGAR (Electronic Data Gathering, Analysis, and Retrieval) HTML creation and filing make it a perfect fit for financial services publishing, saving you time and ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements.
Accessibility is a top priority in today's publishing world, and XPP has you covered. With automation for PDF/UA (Universal Accessibility) accessible documents, you can ensure that your documents are compliant with accessibility requirements, making them inclusive for users with disabilities.
Pagination control is crucial for maintaining consistent branding, and XPP excels in this area. Whether you need to maintain pagination boundaries in printed, PDF, HTML, ePub, or other electronic deliverables, XPP offers flexibility and precision to ensure that your documents have consistent page layouts and numbering, supporting a cohesive brand strategy across all delivery formats.
Furthermore, XPP is versatile and can be customized to meet the unique needs of your organization. Whether you're a legal publisher, financial services provider, or any organization that requires precise and efficient document production, XPP can help.
In summary, XPP is a game-changer in the legal and financial services publishing world, offering speed, scale, quality, automation, and pagination control to revolutionize your document production process. With its advanced features, including support for EDGAR HTML creation and filing, PDF/UA accessibility, and various delivery formats, XPP empowers organizations to produce complex documents with efficiency, accuracy, and consistency. Say goodbye to document production challenges and unlock the power of XPP for your legal and financial services publishing needs.
Contact us to learn how several of the world’s largest financial services companies, legal services organizations and even the world’s largest government publishing office use XPP as a process optimization component and competitive differentiator in their publishing processes.
Lou Iuppa

Lou Iuppa

Lou Iuppa is RWS's VP of Business Development. Much of his experience is within the aerospace and defense industry, developing and managing strategic business relationships within the US military.
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