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Are you interested in improving things around you, learning something new and getting paid for it? Do you want to work from the comfort of your home?

Then don’t miss out on this opportunity to cooperate with RWS Moravia and work for one of the biggest global companies.


About RWS Moravia

RWS Moravia is one of the largest and fastest-growing localization companies for a digital world with offices in North and South America, Asia and Europe. We adapt software and products into more than 250 languages so everyone can easily use them everywhere and every day.
Our client represents a highly innovative company with products that are used by billions of people across practically every industry. We are looking for creative people around the world who have a passion for learning new things and who want to work for one of the biggest brands in the world.

Interested? Keep reading and apply now!


What is the job about?

We cover a wide variety of tasks. Our raters/machine learning agents validate the search principles and systems used by one of the biggest global brands. Thanks to your contribution you will help change the ways in which people work with the internet. Your task would be to check that search engine results indeed correspond to what users were looking for.
You would analyze and provide feedback on text, web pages, images, and other types of information using an online tool, but you will also have the opportunity to sing songs for example.

Your work might include:

  • Data annotation
  • Data dialogue generation
  • Transcription of text in a given image (Optical Character recognition)
  • Singing and humming songs from a predefined list

Raters work from home and can pretty much choose their working hours, while still meeting deadlines. This advantage comes with low level of supervision and therefore, the ability to work independently is required. Training materials and support are provided by RWS Moravia.


You are the right person if you:

  • Have native speaker fluency in one of the languages in the list below (and ideally live in the target country)
  • Understand English on a communicative level (all instructions and trainings are in English)
  • Want to work from home and have a stable, high-speed internet connection
  • Are flexible and communicative
  • Can stick to deadlines
  • Desire to be part of our global community


Payment terms

This job is paid by the hour and will be paid into your provided payment details (usually bank account or PayPal).

(Please note that RWS Moravia is not responsible for your taxes and the taxation system applied in your country. Therefore, please check the conditions and law system applied in the country of your residence before proceeding with your application and make sure you can receive payments from RWS Moravia.)

Are you a native speaker one of the below languages?

Afrikaan French Macedonian Slovenian
Albanian Georgian Malay Spanish
Amharic German Malayalam Swahili
Arabic Greek Marathi Swedish
Armenian Gujarati Mongolian Tagalog
Azerbaijani Hebrew Nepali Tamil
Basque Hindi Norwegian Telugu
Bengali Hungarian Odia Tibetan
Bulgarian Icelandic Persian Thai
Burmese Indonesian Polish Tigrinya
Chinese Italian Portuguese Turkish
Croatian Japanese Punjabi Ukrainian
Czech Kannada Romanian Urdu
Danish Kazakh Russian Vietnamese
Dutch Khmer Sanskrit Yiddish
English Korean Serbian
Estonian Lao Sindhi
Filipino Latvian Sinhalese
Finnish Lithuanian Slovak


How it all works

       Meet the requirements listed above

     Register at our Partner Portal – 5 minutes

     (already registered partners please login here, in section Campaigns add code GHJ)

        Fill in a survey (confirmation of fulfilling the requirements) – 10 min

       Pass a machine learning task and basic English test – 7 min

       Become our valued rater

       Receive notification once we have tasks for your language

     Go through the training instructions and materials

      Accept and complete an assigned task on time

      Receive money in your PayPal account

      Accept another task


Independence, Time flexibility, No entrance/training fee, No special software required, Work from home, Work-life balance, Paid training hours, Direct payment