Evolution of the S1000D IETP in a digitally transforming world

Insights from TDW on deploying secure, centralized, and data-driven IETP solutions for product support

Discover the benefits and challenges of deploying S1000D-based interactive electronic technical publications (IETPs) in a digitally transforming world. 

In this white paper, Michael Ingledew, founder of Tech Data World (TDW), discusses: 

  • The key pressures and risks affecting product support – such as dwindling skills, the need for cybersecurity, and complex supply chains 
  • How modern S1000D IETP solutions can address these challenges by securely providing configured, task-supportive and data-aware content across multiple devices and platforms 
  • LiveContent, a complete S1000D IETP viewer developed by RWS, which enables data collection, insight and analysis from end users, as well as faster and easier content updates and feedback 

Download the white paper to learn more about how your organization can minimize product downtime and maximize engineering resources by deploying S1000D IETP solutions.

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