Clinical Trials Solutions

Clinical trials are replete with complex documentation, strict regulatory requirements, and shifting timelines. Pharmaceutical companies need a translation partner who understands the nuances of global clinical trial management and can navigate complexities with ease and speed.  

RWS is that partner. As the leading and trusted authority on clinical trial translation services, our clients trust us to get their work done right the first time, every time in order to meet their critical submission deadlines. Each year, we translate thousands of clinical studies, amounting to hundreds of thousands of translations across hundreds of languages and 100+ therapeutic areas.  

Solutions for…

Study Start-Ups

We help our clients start their studies on the right foot, by providing fast and accurate translations of protocols, informed consent forms, investigator brochures, Clinical Outcomes Assessments and more.
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Site Activation

Our experience and expertise allow us to ensure clients have met all requirements before patient enrollment.
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Patient Engagement

Patient-centricity is essential to today’s clinical trials. We’re industry leaders in the translation of patient-centric content, including patient questionnaires, patient diary and event logs, lay summaries of clinical trial results, and more.
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Beyond Translation

Our expertise extends to specialized solutions for all of your clinical trials needs.
Linguistic validation COA licensing services Building an eCOA

Our market leading Linguistic Validation Service

Ensure your Clinical Trials - both instruments and data - are understood by all. 

COA Licensing Services

Our dedicated COA licensing team can support the end-to-end COA licensing process.

Building an eCOA

We’re a key partner to clients as they navigate the complex process of transforming paper COAs into their electronic counterparts.

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