From COA to eCOA

As electronic Clinical Outcome Assessments (eCOAs) continue to gain popularity within the clinical trial landscape, it’s critical that trial sponsors develop and linguistically validate these tools with the same level of precision as traditional paper COAs.  

We’re a key partner to clients as they navigate the complex process of transforming paper COAs into their electronic counterparts. Our experience and expertise in this area have led us to develop a series of best practices for eCOAs, including: 

  • Upfront communication between sponsor, eCOA vendor, and translation provider  
  • Documented processes with all major eCOA providers 
  • Extensive automation for eCOA migration and proofreading steps 
  • Close coordination throughout project among all three parties via regular teleconferences  
  • Bank of validated eCOAs for future use by the client  
  • Documentation that eCOAs match validated translations  

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